NHL: The Biggest Surprises of 2013 So Far
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Many expected that the 2013 NHL season would bring about a lot of crazy and interesting news stories. Because the season is only 48 games long, the chances that luck or randomness factor in to the performance of a player or a team are a lot better than during a typical 82 game season.

Looking at the current scoring race, there aren’t really any surprise names at the top of the list. The top three scorers are arguably the top three players in hockey – Steven Stamkos, […]

NHL: Over/Under – Five Overperforming Teams
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Yesterday, we took a look at five NHL teams underperforming relative to talent/expectations – Washington, Detroit, St. Louis, New York Rangers, and the Stanley Cup champs from Los Angeles.

Today, we will do the same type of analysis, but on five NHL teams that are overperforming relative to talent/expectations.

Anaheim Ducks (9-2-1, 2nd overall in the NHL)
Anaheim Ducks to Win Stanley Cup +1700
Unless a friend or family member of yours plays for the Ducks, I doubt you would have expected them to be […]

NHL: The Good & The Bad So Far For The Canadian Teams
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Although the 2013 NHL season is still in its infancy stage, we are starting to get a better read on players and teams. The Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks have been dominant in the West, while the Eastern Conference juggernauts from New York, Pittsburgh, and Boston are still finding their legs and shaking off some of the lockout rust.

Among the seven Canadian NHL teams, none have really stood out in the early going. Let’s see what the short term future holds for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, […]

NHL: The Friday Five For 25 January
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My weekly hockey roundup continues, and now that the NHL has returned, my focus will of course be on that instead of European hockey or the AHL. A lot has happened over the past seven days in the NHL – injuries, surprise performances, rookies standing out, and much, much more.

Read on to find out my thoughts on five stories that have dominated headlines over the past week.

Chicago Blackhawks to Win the Stanley Cup +700
Chicago has been hands down […]

NHL: Who Wins The Norris Trophy?
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The Norris Trophy is awarded each season to the best defenseman in the NHL. There is often a disagreement with regards to this award and how it is voted upon, as voting tends to favour defensemen who also contribute significantly in the way of goals and assists. There has even been some thought to create a second award to recognize the top defensive defensemen in the league, but nothing has come to fruition just yet.

Last season, Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson won Norris after a dominant offensive season. […]