NHL: Five Teams That Fans Love To Hate
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There are a lot of reasons to dislike an NHL team – it could be because the team is a close rival of your favourite team. It could be that team is a very successful franchise and beats up on your team with consistency. That team’s roster may feature a player or two (or three) that you dislike. Whatever the reason, we all love to hate certain NHL franchises for a number of reasons. Here are five of the most hated teams in hockey (and in a […]

NHL: Who Will Be The Division Champions in the Eastern Conference?
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We looked at the Western Conference, now let’s take a look at the favourites – and a sleeper team to watch for – in the three divisions that make up the NHL’s Eastern Conference: the Southeast, the Atlantic, and the Northeast.

THE FAVOURITE: Carolina Hurricanes (+260 to Win the Southeast Division)
Perhaps no NHL team did more to upgrade its roster since the 2011-12 season concluded than the Carolina Hurricanes. Carolina acquired two-way center Jordan Staal from Pittsburgh, reuniting him with older brother […]