NHL: Thursday Night Hockey
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A busy Thursday night of NHL action sees the puck dropped on 11 games across the league. The Maple Leafs will be getting goaltender James Reimer back from the injured reserve. Pittsburgh remains without star center Evgeni Malkin (concussion), but he is making progress towards a return.

The Detroit Red Wings dropped a 2-1 decision in Los Angeles last night, and they travelled north after the game to San Jose, where they will face the Sharks tonight. And in Big D, Kari Lehtonen returns to the Dallas […]

NHL: Over/Under – 5 Underperforming Teams
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Last week we profiled five underperforming and five overperforming NHL players from the first month of NHL action in 2013. This week, we will do the same analysis on some of the 30 NHL clubs.

Read on to find out which five NHL clubs are underperforming relative to talent and/or expectations thus far in 2013.

Washington Capitals (4-8-1, 30th overall in the NHL)
Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay Lightning (-162, 5.5)
If  games were played on paper, the Capitals would be a lock for the postseason. They have […]

NHL: Better Or Worse – Detroit Red Wings
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I find it helpful to think of Hockey as a game of ratios and percentages governed by randomness. It’s certainly not about raw numbers. Teams cannot control the bounces or harness the powers of puck luck, but the good teams can control the game by winning the percentages. Basically, a good team is a hockey team that can tilt the odds in their favour consistently.

Even those teams however, can get repeatedly burned over a small sample of games. Let’s wade into the muck this week and evaluate […]

NHL: The Four Biggest Questions In The Western Conference
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A lot has happened in the Western Conference since we last saw the NHL in action in June of 2012. Detroit legend Nicklas Lidstrom officially announced his retirement from the league. The Minnesota Wild landed the two most sought-after free agents in a July surprise, and the Edmonton Oilers signed blue-chip prospect defenseman Justin Schultz out of the University of Wisconsin.

Let’s take a look at the four biggest stories from the NHL’s Western Conference.

4. Can Detroit replace Nicklas Lidstrom? (Red Wings to Win Stanley Cup +1800)
In […]