NHL: The Return of Booth and Kesler to the Canucks’ Roster
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At beginning of this 2013 lockout shortened NHL campaign, the Canucks were short-handed due to a couple of injuries to their best two-way forwards Ryan Kesler and David Booth.

Now Ryan Kesler is a Selke winner well known for his defensive prowess, but few observers tend to think of David Booth as a two-way ace. But he is. Booth doesn’t kill penalties generally speaking, and isn’t a guy who often appears to be doing the hard work in his own end. Largely that’s because he doesn’t have […]

NHL: Canucks Projections – The Second Liners
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Continuing on with our Canucks Projections project, we take a look at the second-liners – a group of players with a good deal more uncertainty in their projections than the Sedin twins have.

We’ll start with Ryan Kesler, who will be out to start the season, and no one seems to be sure when he’ll be back (a matter that has previously caused me concern). I was in a similar situation when running these projections last year and ultimately guessed that Kesler would miss […]