NHL: Art Ross Trophy Update
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I did an Art Ross preview before the start of the season and with roughly a quarter of the season in the books, I figured an follow up would be in order.

Pittsburgh Penguins to Win Stanley Cup +700
Sid the Kid has been very solid to start the 2013 regular season. He is fifth in scoring with 17 points, and he is also fifth in assists with 12. Expect him to remain in contention (I’d still consider him the […]

NHL: Canucks Projections – The Sedins
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Today, exclusively at PlayNow Sports, I am kicking off my Canucks season preview – and how sweet it is.

Last season I undertook to try and predict Vancouver Canucks goal totals in advance of the season, and I actually did really well. Just to toot my own horn, going to the spreadsheet I used and comparing it with the actual results: I had the Canucks scoring 57 power-play goals (they scored 57), I had them potting 178 goals at even-strength (they managed 177) and I had them marked down for […]

NHL: Who Wins The Art Ross?
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Since Jaromir Jagr won his fourth consecutive Art Ross Trophy as the NHL’s regular season scoring leader in 2001, the award has had nine different winners in 10 seasons (Evgeni Malkin has won it twice – 2009 and 2012). Before the 2000-01 season, the award was won by one of Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, or Mario Lemieux in every season from 1980-81 onwards. Three different winners in 20 years – it sure would have been a lot easier to pick a winner back then.

With that in mind, […]

NHL: Why the Sedin Twins Could Benefit From The Lockout
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Why the Sedin Twins Could Benefit from the NHL Lockout

Remember when the NHL kicked off the 2005-06 season after losing the previous season to a lockout?

Being the first professional sports league in North America to lose a full season to a lockout was a massive PR black-eye for the league, and to try and counteract the negative public perception, the NHL invested in a thorough re-brand of the game. That re-brand was massively effective. For years after the 04-05 lockout, people regularly discussed “the New NHL” a phrase that suggested a […]