NFL: Referee Refund

It was a result that stupefied the football world.

Last night in Seattle on the last play of the Monday night game between Green Bay and Seattle one of the most controversial calls in recent memory took centre stage. Was it an interception, a catch or simultaneous possession? The replacement refs could not figure it out, but PlayNow Sports will make it right with the REFEREE REFUND.

If you placed a pre-game or live Money Line or Point Spread wager on Green Bay, on a bet slip that was graded a loss due to the outcome of the Green Bay –Seattle game, your wager will be refunded back to your PlayNow account as a Sports Freebet.

If your Sports Action bet lost due to the result of the Green Bay-Seattle game, Sports Action will refund your bet, up to a maximum of $100, with a PlayNow Sports Freebet.

To get your PlayNow Sports Freebet, you will need to email the ticket control number from your Sports Action ticket (the 20-digit code at the bottom of the ticket) and your PlayNow ID to sportsaction[at] Allow for two business days to process this request.

8 comments on “NFL: Referee Refund

  1. Wow….BC Government gets a lot of things wrong. But BCLC has made a far better call than the refs did on Monday Night. Great job BCLC!

  2. This is ridiculous. If you gamble, you’re leaving things up to chance. That’s the point of betting. If I put $1,000 on Black in roulette, and then it lands on Red, I can’t say, “Oh, I meant black” and get a refund. So what if that one call was botched? It wouldn’t be the first time. Armando Galarraga doesn’t get his perfect game back, and all the people who lost money when the Tennessee Titans won on an illegal lateral in the 2000 Music City Miracle don’t get their money back, either. People need to grow up and, if they’re really so pissed about losing money, stop gambling. If the Packers wanted to win, they should have scored more points.

    • Not the same!!! This was like like putting $1000 on Black, it lands on black, but then the dealer claims it landed on Red but everyone else at the table saw it land on Black. You would feel cheated! It was obviously not a TD, the player’s knew it, the announcers knew it, the fans in the stadium and watching on TV knew it, and the officials couldnt agreed on it!!! One signaled interception, the other TD. And at the end of the day the most important thing is keeping the paying customer happy right…? LOL

  3. So, this is the first football game that was decided on a bad call? Did all four quarters matter, or was the game riding on one play?

    Come on, Steve. Obviously, the call was bad. It should have been an interception. But, I don’t feel bad for anyone who lost money on it, because they were gambling from the start. I’ve lost lots of money of stupid calls, or on players screwing up, or on any number of “shouldn’t have happened” kinds of moments.

    Whatever. Get over it. Learn to live past next Sunday.

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